Located in a premier academic medical center, the UAB School of Nursing is a big place with a lot happening — hundreds of students, faculty and staff; millions of dollars in sustained scholarship; innovative programs, leading the transformation of nursing’s workforce; groundbreaking research, leading the discovery of knowledge that translates into better health and quality of life; collaborative partnerships, improving health through new models for access and delivery of patient care; and global leadership, impacting health and quality of life locally and globally.

Helping tell their own stories about the goings on at the school is an impressively talented and committed team of faculty, staff and students – nursing leaders today and of the future.

You can read and watch more about the UAB School of Nursing on our news page, in the UAB Nursing magazine and on other social media, including Facebook and YouTube, as well on the UAB News page. But the blog is where you’ll get short stories and other tidbits that don’t fit those formats but are too good to pass up.

Officially, the UAB School of Nursing blog, The Trailblazer, is written and edited by the staff of the UAB School of Nursing Strategic Marketing and Communications Office. For more information, email jpark@uab.edu, or call 205-934-3888.

About comments: The Trailblazer welcomes comments that are inquisitive, challenging and, especially, educational for our readers. We reserve the right to reject comments that are offensive or threatening.


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