A taste of reality…

deb walker_blog post 2_pic 1I arrived in Malawi on January 31 after two days of travel…it wasn’t all that bad. I have actually learned to how to sleep on a plane quite well, especially when given 15 hours to do so. I got caught up on movies (four to be exact) and met my seat mate, Sarah, who is coming to Malawi for the first time to help teach people at the hospital how to test for hearing aids. We also had some excitement on the plane when they announced they needed a doctor on board to come to door three, luckily that individual was okay, because I am not sure there is much you can do when you are half way between the US and Africa. So air travel is always an adventure.

deb walker blog post 2 pic 3

Taking a break–Rachel, Chef Steven, and Me…enjoying dessert…watching the animals

Anyway, I am staying with a friend here, which is different than in times past. I am also in a different city. So I am not in a guest team house, have transport readily available, and so on. I am staying in a house seeing everyday life and challenges. The first three days we didn’t have water – we went from neighbor to neighbor each evening in search of water for a shower. Luckily it is back on! 🙂 Electric comes and goes. I am finding out that it is near impossible to do anything on line – everything must be done in person – and it usually takes two or three trips to get anything done. So with that it takes ALL day to do one task. I know it is not the village, but if we have these challenges – I can’t imagine what challenges they have in the villages, especially after all the devastating flooding that has happened here in the past month.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.56.01 PM copy

Jack Bower – sweet pup where I am staying


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