Getting started

By Dr. Deborah Walker


Patio Workstation

I met with faculty at KCN this morning to discuss the next 3 weeks. Looks like I have a busy time ahead. I will be doing half day workshops in both Lilongwe and Blantyre presenting on oncology and some palliative care. I am so excited! This time I assured them I would provide breaks. ☺ We will be including nurses and other hospital staff for these workshops in both cities, so I am really looking forward to interacting and identifying other areas of need. I will also be working with faculty as they make plans for their new curriculum to start next term. They would like me to be present to make sure oncology is represented and integrated! I couldn’t be happier! Yippee!

This afternoon I did some grocery shopping and headed back to the residence. I am trying to get in the time zone. I came home to a bed made and mosquito net put up….so nice. If they only knew though, it took me 30-45 minutes last night to get the net just the way I liked it. Oh well, practice makes perfect! I will do it again.

Beautiful Africa

Beautiful Africa

It is winter here (yes, they have a winter of sorts) so highs are 70’s, nights are 50’s, it is a bit chilly at night and in the mornings (not quite as hot as the sun as I mentioned earlier, although it feels hot sometimes). It is so refreshing and nice to be able to do work outside as I prepare for the weeks ahead.

More in the days ahead…


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