The journey will continue…

My last walk to the village...for now

My last walk to the village…for now

Although my time in Malawi is winding down I feel like my journey will continue for some time. I am so excited by the progress that we have made and look forward to the ongoing collaboration.

As far as cancer education for nurses in Malawi, it could not have happened at a better time.  With cancer rates increasing and the hospitals adding oncology as a new specialty, integrating oncology into the nursing curriculum is extremely important and will hopefully better equip the nurses to manage oncology patients.

kcnsignFor the last day at the office, the work group met for our final meeting (this trip) and developed a plan for the future that I am super excited about…TBA at a later time. ☺

The colleagues I have met and the friends I have made I will miss, but with email and Skype it will be easier to keep in touch…plus my return in six months will be here before I know it.


As I watch the beautiful sun set this evening I am reminded of just how beautiful this world is, no matter where you are…



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