On my way to the lake today I met Lucy…here is her story


Lucy and I

Lucy Kishindo Finch is a Malawian health professional with international experience. She was born and raised in Malawi and ended up going to nursing school in the UK. She met her husband in the UK and lived in a multitude of places including Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda.

In Uganda she had the opportunity to train with a phenomenal palliative care physician who made a lasting impression on her.  Soon after her training, while still living abroad, her sister unfortunately developed terminal cancer. She returned to Malawi to be by her side and care for her.

As she cared for her in one of the local hospital wards, there was a wounded soldier in the same ward that made a lasting impression on her that would change her course. She explained in tears “This soldier was in excruciating pain and was provided no pain relief and they weren’t doing anything about it.”

A village on the way to Lake Malawi

A village on the way to Lake Malawi

Soon Lucy moved back to Malawi and opened Ndimoyo Palliative Care Centre (www.ndimoyo.org), a clinic which provides holistic care to the chronically sick and terminally ill. They see patients in a clinic that she built and do home visits as well.

Many times she personally funds supplies, like pain medication, because she states, “no one that I see will be in that type of pain.” She has some funding sources that help from the UK, but much is needed.

A few facts from Lucy:

  • The Salima District where her clinic is located has only one doctor for a population of around 345,000 (sometimes none).
  • Cancer is on the increase in all African countries and is one of the most common causes of death.
  • There is an absence of care for the chronically and terminally ill. NdiMoyo Palliative Care is looking after this badly neglected group of people.
  • She has 17 staff including a clinical officer and 4 fully trained nurses.
  • She provides holistic care for all those in need of help and seeks to bring dignity to those who are dying.
  • She promotes and trains others in palliative and holistic care.
  • She runs a centre of excellence.
Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Lucy – an incredible woman giving so much back to her community and setting an example for her country.


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