Coming up with a game plan

walker blog 2-6 2Well it is Thursday already here in Malawi. We have a game plan with flexibility in mind. I have reviewed their adult and community BSc programs and the work group is meeting today to start plugging things into the various courses. I will then develop PowerpPoint presentations and activities related to oncology for them to use, modify and lecture from.  It seems like a lot to do in such a little amount of time…but so worth it! They would like for me to also do the child and masters programs…that might have to wait until August.

KCN Building

KCN Building

You might be thinking…seems like a lot of programs. Yes!  The nursing programs are set up very different than in the U.S.  The first two years the students all take the same basic courses. Then with year three they choose a specialty — like Adult, Community, Child Health or Mental Health. For the master’s program they have Reproductive, Child Health, Midwifery,Community and Adult Health.

KCN Lecture Hall

KCN Lecture Hall

And then with the help of our own Dr. Lynda Wilson, they developed an Interdisciplinary Leadership Ph.D. program.  KCN has so much to offer and really are on the cutting edge. It is so exciting and I feel honored to be part of such an outstanding program.



To be continued…

P.S., I hope you enjoy some of the photos taken so far –although I haven’t had much time for picture taking. ☺


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